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If you know any other WEB sites that focus on classical guitar instruction or non-commercial promotion of classical guitar, and which you think would be of interest to people viewing this site, please send me email and I will  investigate the possibility of placing a link to their website on this page. I will only add a link if I get someone's personal request for that action based on their experience with the recommended site, or my own experience with the site.  I require a reciprocal link from any sites I link to from this page.

1) Guitar Basics

I included a link to this site because GuitarBasics  offers the exact opposite of what my site offers, yet it approaches it with the same intention:  Making music is about communication and feelings.  There is a huge difference between "serious" music and "popular" music, but you need to be careful not to invalidate ANY musical venue simply because of its difficulty level.  Classical guitar playing is mentally demanding, and the rewards are commensurately incalculable.   However, you cannot find that out until you have invested many years into the effort, and that investment must be based on your faith that you will reach the goal.   Popular music, on the other hand, is fun! It offers incredible opportunities for people to share music with each other, without demanding all of one's time.   

Classical guitar playing can be frustrating for those who have only a small amount of time available.  It could be many years before an aspiring classical guitarist feels comfortable performing to an audience.  Popular music provides a venue to share music with the world after only a modest investment of time and energy.  It can keep you motivated as you struggle privately to prepare for your concert career :-)

2) The Guitar Foundation of America

3) The Lichodziejewski Guitar Studio - 

The Lichodziejewski Guitar Studio is a fun, supportive environment
where students aged 3 and up learn to play the classical guitar in the
Suzuki Guitar Program. Teen and Adult lessons are also available. We
are located in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, IL in the Versailles
Village Center at 715 E. Golf Rd. Suite 200A2. For more information
please contact our offices at 1.847.909.0387.

4) Longay Guitar Center - 

The Longay Guitar Center is dedicated to raising the potential of children through the Suzuki approach to music education.

5) North Carolina School of the Arts GUITAR DEPARTMENT - "We prepare you for the real world"

6) "You can play guitar" : 

Free online guitar lessons, videos, DVD, sheet music, tab books, and online music store.


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