I would like to thank the following people for their help and insights which have added considerably to the creation and maintenance of this WEB site.

Richard Mayer

Richard's knowledge and experience with the Internet have enabled me to add to the professional appearance and funtionality of this site. He has also given me the benefit of his musical training by reviewing and suggesting improvements to "The Total Classical Guitar Method (tm)". Richard has spent over 40 years collecting music for Classical Guitar and Flute duets. Perhaps his greatest contribution to the world of the Classical Guitar has been his tireless efforts in teaching Classical Guitarists the art of sight reading.

Richard and Frank Playing together

Carlo Pezzimenti

Carlo is a world-renowned performer on the Classic Guitar who has graciously given his time and energy to review this WEB site. A musician in the truest sense of the word, Carlo is one of a rare breed of artists whose performances transcend his own ego to reveal the universal poetic message of the music itself.

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