Stage IV

"Stage IV" was created during an 18 week period when Frank LaMonica was undergoing his first round of chemotherapy for stage IV esophageal cancer.  Its very creation demonstrates the indomitable power of the human spirit regardless of the obstacles.  The music communicates a depth of emotion ranging from the deeply introspective "Cancion" by Federico Mompou, through the sublime magic of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Chaconne", to the whimsical lightless of Mauro Giuliani's "Variations on a theme by Handel".  This CD is not just the work of one person.  It is a snapshot of one man's life intertwined with hundreds of years of human experience connected through time by the infinite spirit of God that unites all of creation.  "Stage IV" transcends sound, sharing the feelings of the artist with anyone willing to take that giant leap into the spiritual realm of music.


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Timeless Reflections of the Spanish Guitar

"Timeless Reflections of the Spanish Guitar" is one of those rare recordings that creates the perfect background for daily activities. This CD seems to enhance the listener's ability to concentrate on whatever task is at hand; beautiful, interesting, but never intrusive or demanding. "Timeless Reflections of the Spanish Guitar" is a welcome addition to any play list.

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(track 1 of CD)F. Moreno Torroba's "Romance to the Pines"

(track 5 of CD)J.S. Bach's "Prelude in D minor"

(track 10 of CD)Leo Brouwer's "Study No. 6"

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