The terms Classical Guitar and Classic guitar are often used interchangeably. The classic guitar is a type of guitar that can be played in the classical style. This WEB site uses the term classic guitar to refer to the instrument itself; it refers to classical guitar as the art of playing classical music written for, or adapted to the classic guitar.


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Free on-line Classical Guitar Lessons
The "Total Classical Guitar Method (tm)" is an on-line lesson program for beginning guitarists, and for guitarists who already play another style but want to learn how to play Classical Guitar. This web site is dedicated to the memory of Maestro Andres Segovia, the most influential Classical Guitarist of our century, in the hope that one day there may come along another guitarist possessed of his spirit.

Classical Guitar Lessons completed so far: Introduction,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,

Also completed: Acoustics of Music, Pythagorean System of Intonation



Frank LaMonica Classical Guitar CDs:



"Timeless Reflections of the Spanish Guitar" 



Classical Guitar Teachers in your area

If you are looking for a teacher or if you are a teacher looking for students, please visit the "Classical Guitar Teachers in your area" page. You will find both teachers and students linked directly from that page, indexed by the area in which they live.


Universities and Schools offering Classical Guitar Programs

This page lists universities or other schools that offer various degrees in guitar performance.


Links to other Classical Guitar Sites

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